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Jaydson Gomes
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Tue May 27 2014 06:18:47 GMT+0000 (UTC)

ECMAScript 6 - A Better JS for the Ambient Computing Era

Allen Wirfs-Brock (awbjs on Twitter) is a TC39 member. Actually, he is the "Project Editor of the ECMAScript Language Specification". I'm not pretty sure where he gave this talk, but I'm looking forward to watch the recording. The slides content is great and explains a lot of things about ES6, and about JavaScript itself.

A little descriptions about his talk (by him): "We've entered the Ambient Computing Era and JavaScript is its dominant programing language, But a new computing era needs a new and better JavaScript. It's called ECMAScript 6 and it's about to become the new JavaScript standard. Why do we need it? Why did it take so long? What's in it? When can you use it? Answers will be given."

As soon as this talk recording is available, we'll post it here. For now, here are the slides.

[UPDATE October, 2014]
The video is already online! (Thanks Ciro Costa for point this).
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